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Ancient Tibetan Reflexology or VitaFlex Technique is a specialized form of hand and foot massage.  It is a gentle yet powerful technique that derives its name from “Vitality through the Reflexes”.

VitaFlex Technique is similar to Reflexology in that they both use the concept that the feet and hands map the entire body. Therefore, by working on specific reflex points, we can in turn affect and support other parts of the body.

History of Vitaflex

VitaFlex Technique was revived and perfected by well-known spiritual healer, Stanley Burroughs and has been growing in popularity since 1928. It originated thousands of years ago in Ancient Tibet, before the advent of acupuncture. In Stanley’s own words, “Its beauty is that it works on the entire body and it’s so simple – it does no damage…..”

VitaFlex Technique has 5000 different reflex points in the body, opposed to the 365 acupuncture points used in Reflexology.   A unique and rhythmic rolling movement of the fingers is used to stimulate these reflex points. The gentle pressure produced by this movement generates a piezo-electric pulse – a form of electricity – which travels along energy pathways to the corresponding part of the body.  VitaFlex Technique is further enhanced by the use of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living®, these are guaranteed to be free of any and all chemical adulteration. These are oils are chosen because you deserve the best!  Specific essential oils are chosen and applied to certain reflex points to support the corresponding body systems.

Benefits of VitaFlex Technique:

  • Full VitaFlex Technique supports all body systems in a single session
  • Deeply relaxing & pampering
  • An opportunity for inner connection
  • Is a treat for all your senses
  • Effects can be felt through the entire body

If you are looking for a new way to support your health and well-being, VitaFlex Technique may be exactly what you need. This gentle yet powerful form of hand and foot massage has been used for thousands of years to support the entire body. Try incorporating VitaFlex into your self-care routine today!


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